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Dealers and Stockist  :  Industrial IBR Valves,  Process Control Instruments, SS and HT   Fasteners,  HSS Carbide Tools and  Precision Measuring Instruments.

General Hardware Washers Screws Nuts & Bolts
Hand Tools General Tools Spanners & Wrenches Gripping Tools Cutting Tools Marking & Measuring Tools
Taps Drills & Dies Taps Drills & Dies
Precision Measuring Tools Precision Measuring Tools
Guages Pressure Guages Temperature Guages Flow Meters
valves & fittings Valves Pipes & Hoses Fittings
Couplings Couplings
Safety Products Safety Products
Chains & Cables Chains Sprockets Wire Ropes & Cables Ropes & Slings
Power Tools Power Tools
Aviation Tools Aviation Tools

About T-Safe Trade Links

     T-Safe Trade Links is one of the leading merchant of industrial IBR/non IBR valves, pipes, pipes fittings, pressure, temperature, flow, level measurement and control instruments, high tensile, S.S, MS fasteners, HSS and solid carbide cutting tools, love-joy couplings, flexible couplings, roller chains, precision measuring instruments lifting & pulling tackles, safety belts, safety slings, eye protection glass, face protection etc.,

     We have experience and the expertise to supply all the materials which are required by industries such as cement plant, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, processing industries, instruments manufacturing industries, paper mills and textile industries etc.

     Our products are of unexcelled quality and our reputation is earned through providing prompt and efficient service.

     Assuring you of our prompt service and anticipating your favorable reciptiocation. If given an opportunity we shall leave no stone unturned in executing our services to the complete satisfaction of our esteemed clients.

Our Values : 
“To serve the industries with fulfilling all their equipment and tooling needs by sincerely providing them with best quality products and unmatched service and hence contributing in their growth and the overall growth of this country.”

why t-Safe
  »  Best Quality Products
  »  Lowest Prices
  »  Wide Range of Products
  »  Unmatched Service
  »  Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  »  Fast Delivery of Products
  »  After Sales Support

Industries We Served:
  »  Cement Industries
  »  Paper Mills
  »  Power Transmission Industry
  »  Railway Industry
  »  Pharmaceutical Industry
  »  Aviation Industry
  »  Petroleum Industry

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